Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R SHAPED FOR SPORT From £32,820
Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R has racing in its DNA. Designed for the sheer thrill of driving, you'll be hooked the moment your hands touch the steering wheel. Sit back into sculpted sports seats surrounded by track-inspired upholstery inside it's sleek, sharp and aerodynamic body and enjoy its exhilarating performance all the way to the finish line.

With a line-up that now includes the striking Type R Sport Line, this is a car that speaks to you in ways few cars can - through raw power, superb handling and emotive, sculpted curves. The Type R was tried, tested and proven on the asphalt of the iconic Nürburgring where it sliced an impressive 7 seconds off the time set by its predecessor.

Discover the car that puts the 'R' in drive at your local Brindley Honda showroom.

    Honda Civic Type R White Side
    Type R
    From £32,820
    Evolved from Honda's racing DNA for one purpose: Performance. Boasting the famous Type R badge, it’s a car created for an exciting and exhilarating drive.
    Honda Civic Type R
    From £34,820
    All the power and performance of the Type R, but with added features for greater convenience and comfort.
    Honda Civic Type R Sport Line Red Side
    Sport Line
    From £34,820
    It’s everything Type R – and then some. Focused on sport, its aerodynamic shape is matched with an interior created for comfort as well as performance.
    Honda Civic Type R Exterior Lifestyle
    Design Starting with the sporty 20-inch alloys, combined with the addition of a sleek low-deck aero spoiler, the Type R proves it has racing in its blood. Every element of this sharp, muscular car gvies the impression of rapid forward motion even when it stands still. The philosophy continues inside with an atmospheric driver-focused cockpit, full of sporty design accents and plenty roominess for comfortable everyday cruising.
    The Face of Change Exterior Styling The Honda Civic Type R is a drivers car from any angle. From the front, the lower deck and the newly designed air intake side grilles show off its racing roots. Every line, particularly on the GT model, flows from front to back, daring you to let it off the leash. Finally the new rear spoiler and bumper design and triple exhaust pipes give a view of a car that loves to be in front.
    Uniquely Type R Dramatic Cockpit The sharp exterior of the Type R is only matched by it's dramatic cockpit, designed to thrill from the moment you press the engine start button. It's dark, sporty interior is designed for better concentration when driving. The sport seats, shaped to hold you firm and steady, the intuitive layout including a 7-inch Touchscreen ensures everything is just where you need it with clear and easy to read gauges. You are surrounded by premium soft-touch materials and exciting red interior detail.
    Honda Civic Type R Interior Lifestyle
    Born to Perform Aerodynamics Every sculpted line and aerodynamic detail optimise airflow to boost downward-force to improve handling and stability at high speeds. Combined with its iconic rear spoiler, front MacPherson Strut Suspension and Rear Independent Multi-link Suspension system all elements work in tandem to maximise its driving feel. This is a car with one singular intention in mind - an all out exhilarating drive.
    Honda Civic Type R Interior Lifestyle
    Technology The Type R is packed out with cutting-edge tech to enhance performance, convenience and to enhance the way you drive. Exclusive to the current generation of Type R is the LogR performance datalogger. A new system combining the onboard computer and built-in sensors with a companion smartphone app to help drivers monitor and record a variety of performance parametres, through the 7-inch Honda CONNECT Touchscreen. Use it to calculate an Auto Score which helps you to improve your routine daily driving skill by keeping track of acceleration, deceleration, turning and straight-line driving whilst encouraging safer, smoother driving.
    Better Connected Connections With Bluetooth or USB connections you can access information and music playlists on your smartphone. For more advanced connections, you can transfer your phone's interface via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to the 7-inch Touchscreen kitted out with Honda CONNECT. Make calls, send and receive messages when stopped with simple controls.
    Honda Civic Type R Interior Lifestyle
    Feel the Surge Performance Technology The Type R will respond instantly with it's powerful 2.0 Litre VTEC Turbo Engine with a peak output of 320PS at 6,500rpm. Tempering this power is a 6-Speed Manual Transmission, a brand new lighter braking system which dissipates heat and reduces brake fade and an Adaptive Damper System which calculates road conditions faster for improved damper reactions and sharper handling response. Three driving modes; 'Comfort', 'Sport' and '+R' mode mean you can growl or roar when the mood takes you.
    Honda Civic Type R Interior Driver Screen
    Safety technology Drive Safe The Type R comes with advanced safety features designed to keep you and your passengers safe. From Collision Mitigation Braking System which alerts you to danger and reduces your speed to Lane Keeping Assist which takes the stress out of motorway driving by keeping you centre-lane and Adaptive Cruise Control which actively maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front. The Type R will always have you back..
    Honda Civic Type R Exterior Front
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