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Volvo Essential Service The Volvo Essential Service from £159 is the low-cost entry level service including recall check and VHC.*

Essential care for Volvo cars 4 years and over. Peace of mind at a lower cost.

Everything needs a little looking after - and older Volvo cars are no exception. And that's why we offer the Volvo Essential Service - which is specially designed for older Volvo's, just like yours.

When your Volvo needs its next service why not consider our 'Essential Service'. This is our entry level service but this is in no way a budget service as we utilise our Volvo trained technicians and equipment to undertake the work, use genuine Volvo parts and we will check for any outstanding manufacturer recall or service campaigns and complete them if required and finally your car will receive a complimentary wash and vacuum.*

So when your Volvo needs a service simply transfer it to Brindley Volvo with the knowledge that you have complete peace of mind at a lower cost thanks to the Volvo Essential Service for £159.*

If you want a little extra from your service, opt for the 'Essential Service Plus' for £199 and receive 12 months roadside assistance on top of your comprehensive service.*

The Volvo essential service is designed so essential parts are only serviced when they are likely to need it – this results in a quicker, more efficient service which means less cost for you. So what exactly is covered?


  • Inspection of front and rear brake linage
  • Inspection of front and rear brake hoses
  • Inspection of brake line
  • Adjustment of parking brake shoes and lever

Drive Line

  • Leakage inspection 
  • Drive shaft / joints check 
  • Inspection of gaiter driveshaft

Fuel System

Inspection of fuel line​


Inspect tyre tread and depth and pressures


  • Leakage / attachments check
  • Oil and filter replacement (Diesels: drain filter under bonnet)

Suspension / Steering

Inspection of front suspension and steering


Inspection of battery


Model specific checks according to individual service sheet

*T&C's apply. Please contact us for full details, terms and conditions.


Enquire with our Service department today to find out how we can help.

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