Maxus launch new service: Maxus Intelligence Onboard.

Maxus have launched an exciting and handy new service; Maxus Intelligence Onboard, providing Live Data from the vehicle, including location, speed, harsh events, driver behaviour information, but best of all, it provides all the EV data to make your transition to Electric Vehicles so much easier, Including: live state of charge, charging events, when it’s on and off charge, which enables fleets to increase range, energy consumption in miles per kWh and how much energy is being added and where and at what price.

Combining all the data into simple reports will help fleets better understand how their EV’s are being driven and help support them with the transition.

The system also provides fault codes to you and back to MAXUS improving fleet performance and keeping the vehicle on the road for longer.

Lastly the system will provide data for the MAXUS team to crunch to see battery health, tyre wear usage and intelligent data, all combined will make owning a Maxus vehicle a great experience.

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