Honda Drive Recorder
Honda Drive Recorder

Your extra look-out for £425

The genuine Honda Drive Recorder is much more than a recording device. No matter where you are driving, manoeuvring your car, or even stopped, this helpful technology will always be an extra look-out for you.

As a Genuine Honda Accessory, the device fits seamlessly in your Honda and you’re covered by a 3-year guarantee.

Our new Honda Drive Recorder is the latest helpful technology, designed to give you a little more peace of mind.


The Honda Drive Recorder records video whilst you are driving, providing evidence in case of an accident and reducing the possibility of being treated unfairly. You can also record road information and sights along your route. Videos are automatically saved to the memory card in  one-minute segments.


A built-in sensor detects the vehicle’s rate of acceleration in real time. If the rate of acceleration exceeds the set limit, video-protection is triggered and the device locks the recorded video data. The Honda Drive Recorder can store up to ten locked video files.


In standby mode, the built-in acceleration sensor is able to start the camera and record video after 10 seconds if it detects that the vehicle has been exposed to an external impact, or vibration exceeding a set limit. The duration of parking-surveillance video files is one minute, the Honda Drive Recorder can store up to five locked parking-surveillance video files.


Once the mobile application has been installed on your smartphone and your smartphone is connected wirelessly to the Drive Recorder, images and video files can be previewed, played back in real time via your smartphone or downloaded, making it easy to share these files. Various Drive Recorder settings, such as detection sensitivity and camera settings, can also be configured via your connected smartphone.


The Drive Recorder detects the motion of the vehicle in f ront when driving in congested road conditions, such as junctions, traffic lights or traffic jams. If the vehicle in front starts to move forward and your vehicle does not move within three seconds, the Drive Recorder emits a sound to prompt you.


The Drive Recorder is equipped with a gesture-sensing and recognition feature which allows the user to interact with the device in an intuitive and fast way to take a quick picture or a short video.


Once the Drive Recorder is connected to the vehicle’s display device via its HDMI port using an HDMI cable, images and video can be played on the vehicle’s display device. Buttons on the Drive Recorder can be used to issue the following commands: previous, next, play, pause and return.


• Tiltable 1080P FULL HD resolution front camera (1920×1080)

• Compatible with vehicle rear camera*

• 138° Camera angle view (diagonal angle)

• Removable 16 GB Micro SD card included – 2 hours recordingtime, device supports max. 32 GB

• Integrated microphone

• Integrated G-sensor

• Static HD focus range: within 2m

• Supports output via HDMI and wireless connection

• Supports wireless connection with smartphones;currently compatible with iPhones™ and Android™ devices**

*Compatibility to be checked with your local Honda dealer.

**Both iPhones™ and Android™ phones can be used in conjunction with this device. In some instances, the phone may not be compatible, or some functions may not be available due to differences in hardware and OS versions. For details, please contact your local Honda dealer.

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