​Honda Civic e:HEV wins 'Best Medium Family Car' at Parkers New Car Awards

In a testament to the cars excellence, the Honda Civic e:HEV has once again secured the prestigious title of 'Best Medium Family Car' at the Parkers New Car Awards for 2024. This is the second consecutive year that Civic e:HEV has won this prestigious award, reaffirming its status as a leader in the automotive industry.

Through 50 years of production history, the Civic is now into its 11th generation and has evolved into a dynamic, self-charging full hybrid hatchback. Throughout is long journey, the Civic has consistently pushed the boundaries of comfort and drivability becoming a symbol of reliability and innovation.

What makes the Honda Civic e:HEV so special is its intelligent hybrid technology; a cutting edge system that doesn't just improve the vehicles efficiency but also contributes to low running costs. This self charging hybrid offers outstanding fuel economy getting up to 521 miles on a full tank yet doesn't compromise on performance.

A stand out feature of the Civic e:HEV is its practicality for the average family. The hatchback comes with a sleek and sporty design, fantastic performance and efficiency whilst also catering the diverse needs of families thanks to its advanced tech with its spacious and comfortable interior. The Civic's practicality has undoubtedly played a huge role in claiming the award of the 'Best Medium Family Car' for two years running.

Keith Adams, Editor at Parkers, highlighted the Civic e:HEV's exceptional attributes, stating, "The Honda Civic e:HEV was the Parkers New Car of The Year winner in 2023, and triumphs again in the Best Medium Family Car category for its excellent fuel economy, impressive safety features, and brilliant practicality."

This consecutive award for the Honda Civic e:HEV showcases Honda's commitment when it comes down to excellence, innovation and practicality upon producing the 11th generation Honda Civic. As the Civic continues to redefine the standards for medium family cars, it symbolises Honda's dedication to producing cutting-edge technology and a premium driving experience to cater for the modern family.

The Honda Civic e:HEV starts from £34,995 and you can view and test drive today and Brindley Honda in Wolverhampton, West Bromwich and Cannock.

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