All-New HR-V Hybrid

A New Style of Hybrid

Coming soon to Brindley Honda in 2021, the All-New HR-V Hybrid has been completely redesigned and re-engineered.

All_new Honda HR-V Hybrid Studio
All_new Honda HR-V Hybrid Studio
Shaping the Future. Completely redesigned from the wheels up, the All-New HR-V Hybrid is a compact and extremely spacious SUV featuring coupe inspired design and Honda's own unique and innovative e:HEV Hybrid powertrain.

The New HR-V Hybrid takes a bold leap into the future with clean and seamless lines which create a daring new shape that reflects it's rugged yet stylish personality.
New Honda HR-V Hybrid Interior Dash
A Sense of Space. Stylish and spacious.
The New HR-V Hybrid will feature the best-in-class interior space. Honda's unique magic seats design gives you the ability to create even more capacity for everyday flexibility. Contributing to the open, airy feeling, the HR-V incorporates a new air diffusion system to create a fresh flow of air around you and your passengers.
No Need to Plug In. A breath of fresh air.
Following through with their promise of lowering emissions for a cleaner future without sacrificing performance, Honda's New HR-V features their intelligent, self-charging e:HEV Hybrid Powertrain. This unique technology combines super fuel efficiency with exciting performance that you can really feel.