The All-New Corsa-e Switch It Up. From £27,140*
All-New Corsa-e

All-New Vauxhall Corsa-e

One of the most iconic cars in the Vauxhall range – the Corsa has been given an electric make-over resulting in the All-New Corsa-e. A highly efficient electric car capable of up to 209 miles on a single charge¹. The Corsa-e’s eye-catching redesign promises fun and adventure and thanks to it’s sporty, responsive performance it delivers every time. This new all-electric five door is a dynamic example of a fresh take on an enduring design. With a host of first class technologies and the first ever 100% Electric Corsa engine, you'll enjoy lower running costs and zero emissions driving. it's easy both on your pocket and the environment.

The All-New Corsa-e puts the fun in all-electric driving. Experience it now with a test drive at Brindley Vauxhall, Cannock.

Highlights The All-New Corsa-e is stylish by design. It's sleek contours, lower stance and stunning wheels showcase it's fun-loving attitude. It features best-in-class connectivity will keep you entertained and informed and includes the latest Vauxhall Connect, allowing you to call up help at the touch of a button in the event of an accident or breakdown. In short, it's like no Corsa you've seen before.
Instant Power and Fun Driving Experience Introducing New Corsa-e. Delivering effortless acceleration, the 100% electric engine glides from 0-60-mph in just 7.6 seconds and achieves an instant 260Nm of torque. When driving in B-mode, the regenerative braking system returns most of the energy from braking back to the battery, helping to reserve your range.
Serious Savings Cheap Running Costs Switching to electric means lower running, operating and maintenance costs. That's not to mention current government purchase incentives. For extra peace of mind, the Corsa-e also comes with 8 years free battery warranty and roadside assistance.
Smart Thinking Speed Sign Recognition Relax. All-new Corsa is packed with clever safety tech. Speed sign recognition alerts you to important signs ahead. It also displays upcoming speed limits. So, with just the push of a button, you can set cruise control to auto adjust your speed as needed.
Vauxhall All-New Corsa speed sign recognition
Manage your Range Range The 209 mile range will take you far. But there are various factors which will have an influence on your range such as your driving style, vehicle load, tyre pressure, thermal comfort and heating and exterior temperature. Adopting a gentler driving style, avoiding difficult road conditions and the use of climate control will help to maximise your range.
Charging Choice Charging There’s different charging options with Corsa-e to make life simple. You can charge it at home using a Home Wallbox, which achieves a full charge in just 7.5 hours. You can obtain up to 80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes from a 100kW** charging station, meaning it’s quick too. Good to know.
e-Remote Control Connected Services Start your journey off in comfort. Thanks to our connected services, you can pre-condition the Corsa-e remotely via your smartphone to your perfect temperature before you drive off. You also have access to e-remote charging. This services allows you to stay in control of your vehicle, even from afar. When plugged into a charging point, you can start, stop or programme a charge for a time which suits you.

*Price shown is indicative and is subject to change. This change may result in an increase of the on the road price of the vehicle. Price has been calculated using manufacturer estimates and includes a £2,500.00 OLEV grant which has been deducted from the price of the vehicle (OLEV Grant not available in the Isle of Man). The grant is a government incentive and is subject to withdrawal prior to delivery of your vehicle. Retailers may be required to carry out more than one credit check during the course of the order process. You may be required to place a deposit when placing your order with your supplying Retailer. In the event of a price change, deposit refunds will be governed by your supplying Retailer’s policy and as such must be discussed with the supplying Retailer.

**You can obtain 15-80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes from a 100kW rapid charging station. The vehicle will rapid charge at a rate of up to 100kW, depending on the power of the rapid charging station used and will take longer to charge at a lower power. Rapid charging stations are available across the UK at various locations and their power rating varies, typically from 50kW and sometimes up to 350kW.

¹Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Vauxhall Corsa-e 100KW (136PS). Mpg (l/100km): N/A. CO2 emissions: 0g/km. Electric range up to 209 miles (WLTP). The Corsa-e is a battery electric vehicle requiring mains electricity for charging. Everyday use may differ and is dependent on various factors. In particular: personal driving style, route characteristics, exterior temperature, heating/air conditioning, pre-conditioning and battery condition.

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