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Introducing Honda’s Electric Sports EV Concept

As the era of electric & hybrid cars draws ever closer the Honda Sports EV Concept, built upon an electric vehicle specific platform, is equipped with a highly responsive electric power unit that offers powerful, smooth acceleration together with a serene quietness. Thanks to the electric motor and its battery components positioning the Sports EV enjoys a low centre of gravity that promotes exciting handling characteristics & manoeuvrability. Furthermore, the Sports EV has a striking silhouette designed to ensure the futuristic car blends into any modern lifestyle.Honda Sports EV Concept

The Honda EV Concept and their Electric Vehicle Ambitions

Honda, like many motor manufacturers today, is keen to create a family of electric cars based on a common platform in order to achieve economies of scale, and the first of those new models, the Urban EV is forecast to make production in 2019. This will be followed by the Sports EV which was unveiled by Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017.

Honda has launched several sporty designs in recent years so creating a car in that genre is a clear signal that it will continue to do so in the era of electric vehicles, and of course they already have an electric supercar, the Honda NSX, so they are no stranger to the technology! At present no other car manufacturer builds a model anything like the Honda Sports EV and if they can get it into production as quickly as planned it will be well ahead of any rival.

The Electric Sports EV ConceptHonda Sports EV Concept Front View

The Honda Sports EV Concept is a fully electric, two-seater sports car that could fill the gap in terms of performance between the Honda Civic Type R and the Honda NSX. In terms of dimensions the Sports EV concept is close to that of Mazda’s MX-5 length of 3950mm and it also has the classic long sports bonnet with flared haunches and a sports coupe like roofline to give it traditional sports car look.

Though no specific powertrain details are as yet available it’s likely that it will be rear-wheel drive. Honda has stated that the Urban EV features a high-density lightweight battery pack, integrated heat management and energy transfer functions and that the same technology would appear in the Sports EV too. In terms of driving distance capability Honda has provisionally suggested a range of around 150 miles on a single battery charge should be expected. To see a YouTube Video or to read more about the Honda Sports EV Concept visit the Honda Worldwide website.

So What Does the Future Hold for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle technology is rapidly improving so just how long the batteries or motors will last is to a certain extent a moving target, but research companies and manufacturers are working tirelessly on improving battery technologies to increase driving range and reduce charging time, weight, and cost. These factors at the time of its production and subsequent availability will ultimately determine the performance, capability and eventual success of the Honda Sports EV.

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Honda Sports EV Concept Rear View

Added: 14 February 2018

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