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The summer is well and truly here! We’ve had a few sweltering weeks and it shows no sign of easing up. After many years, it seems like Britain is having a ‘proper’ summer and we’re certainly not going to complain.

Now, if there’s one thing that everyone dreams about during the summer months, is dropping that top down and feeling the heat of the sun and fresh breeze through their hair. Whether it’s a weekend adventure away or a daily commute, a convertible can brighten up any journey!

Mazda MX-5

New Mazda Convertibles

So, what better way to spend your summer journeys than behind the wheel of a hot new convertible? And what better time than now? Here at Brindley Garages Group we have the stunning Mazda MX-5 and Mazda MX-5 RF for you to enjoy.

The MX-5 has been a roaring success for almost 30 years and is now in its fourth generation. Both the convertible and the roadster have collected countless accolades over the years and even scooped What Car? Best Convertible 2018!

Stylish, fun, and full of performance, the MX-5 really is the ultimate summer car. Its versatility makes it as home on the city streets as it is winding through the hilly countryside. With punchy yet efficient engines, journeys in the MX-5 are both quick and affordable. The convertible MX-5 is available from just £18,495 while the MX-5 RF is on sale from £22,195.  Both models are available to test drive from our Wolverhampton showroom, and you can get in touch with our friendly Mazda team today to organise yours.

Mazda MX-r RF

Used Convertible Offers

Not only do we have brand new Mazdas for sale, but we also stock a comprehensive selection of high quality used cars across a huge range of manufacturers, so you can check our latest stock here, and find the perfect convertible for you.

Added: 01 August 2018

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